Thursday, April 1, 2010

Keke Lindgard

I came across these photos of Keke Lindgard in Spanish Vogue on fashiongonerogue and I just think they are amazing!! The first and second pictures are out of this world. The scenery in the first literally took my breath away and I love the calmness of the second. I can imagine when the photo was taken that everything was so still in order not to disturb the owl. I want to blow that pic up and hang it on my wall.

On another note, Keke Lindgard is only 15 (or is it 16?)!! That's crazy! She has lips and legs to kill and she seems to be a new face on the runway. For a model to land all the high end houses such as Dior, Lanvin, Elie Saab, ChloƩ, Gucci and Hermes in her second season it's phenomenal. I look forward to seeing where her career goes!

(images from fashiongonerogue,,google.)

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  1. Damn these tiny-tall models who have the world in the palm of their hand before they've even finished puberty!