Friday, April 16, 2010

The Outnet..everything for €1??

Did anyone else spend their morning trying to get onto €1 sale? I was up at 7 hoping to be able to get something especially a bag but seems like the whole of Europe and Australia was doing the same! I got on straight away when I clicked the link but then the server crashed and I spend another 2 hours clicking refresh! Finally got on again and everything in my size was gone! I'm disappointed but not disheartened as it was a great idea and some people were very lucky! I saw on Facebook a girl got a £2,500 Cavalli dress for £1!

Was anybody else lucky or just incredibly annoyed with the whole thing or were some people smart enough not to buy into all the hype unlike me!?

Emma xx


  1. o wow, sounds like a pretty amazing sale and i missed it.

  2. i got nada, lost 2 hours of my life. oh well! lol

    there is always next time!