Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad Day/Good Day.

I'm on a complete rollercoaster at the moment! Yesterday was the worst and best day ever. Since I'm finishing college in like 6 weeks I'm on the search for a job. Yesterday morning I got a rejection letter from the company I really want to work for. I was disgusted and really upset over it. Then at around 5.55 yesterday I got a phonecall from the company who I had summer placement with the last two summers offering me a job with them. I didn't even know they had a position available so I hadn't applied for anything. I'm still in shock that I got a job without any application or interview. I was not expecting it at all so I'm on cloud 9. I can't believe how lucky I've been and can't help but put it down to fate.

*Other good day events:
  • Topshop package arrived that I've been waiting for! Lots of lovely summery things.
  • Had a great study day! Finally feel I'm getting somewhere with it.
  • Watched Now and Then, my favourite childhood movie. Wow Demi Moore looks so different. Can definitely see the difference pre/post plastic surgery!
*Bad day events:
  • Man. Utd got knocked out of the Champions League!:( I've grown up in a fanatical Manchester Utd house so I can't help being sucked in! I feel really bad for my Dad and my brother because they got tickets to the final in Madrid after years of applying for them! Ah year!
Long post, sorry!
Emma xx


  1. Congratulations, That's amazing!!

  2. Awh congratulations! Urgh about three months after you finish college you're going to have this horrible slump where you realise college was most probably the best and simplest time of your life! It's so sad" *sigh* I finished college 18months ago and a bit of me still hurts!

    The Boy is still sulking over that Man U match, lol!