Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lazy Sundays...

...therefore lazy post....
Today has been the laziest day ever. I handed in my final year project on friday so I took the weekend off as the study for exams in may starts tomorrow! Eeek! All I did today was sleep, eat and read the papers! Such a slob and I'm loving it!!

Love these images from keepcalm trying to decide which one to buy! I like the " Do sober what you said you'd do drunk", it's kinda fitting for my actions on Thursday night! :)

Emma xx

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Picks from LFW

I've been extremely busy with college this week so it's only now that I'm catching up on LFW. I was too excited about the Burberry Prorsum show and I wasn't let down at all. Christopher Bailey really outdid himself last season and the A/W '10 collection was no different! I loved that he chose mostly to use navy instead of black and that sheepskin was a major element! I loved the aviator style jackets and the collarless fur coat. I just loved it!

Marios Schwab also featured the collarless fur coat. I would love to have a fur coat! Not a faux fur, an actual fur. I know it's politically incorrect to say that but I don't actually see the big deal, we all have leather bags, boots and belts. Anywho, there's a fur coat in my family that belonged to my great-gran aunt. I'll get it eventually but it might be years yet.


Really can't wait for Paris Fashion Week.

Emma xx

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wishlist of the Week...

I'm still madly in love with the nude tones around at the moment! Here's what is on my wishlist this week!

Vest, Cropped Top,Cardi and Lace flats all from Topshop!

My favourite jeans need to be replaced sob sob!:( I got them years ago in Miss Selfridge when skinny jeans first came out. They have the perfect amount of stretch and are moulded completely to my shape. It's gonna be a sad day when I throw them out. So on the search first for new ones. Think I'll try on a few pairs in River Island at the weekend! I love the fact that they do a short leg as I have the shortest legs! They're 28"!!

And how cute is this top?? It's also from River Island (€40) I was actually going to buy it recently but I was having an anti-valentines day and wasn't in the mood for buying hearts!!:)

Emma xx

P.S. Does anybody else find it really annoying that Topshop have removed their shortcut button to your wishlist? Grrr..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Slightly Obsessed!

Slightly is an understatement! I am in love with this man!! He announced his Irish dates today- 24th Sept in the Aviva Stadium, so ladies keep the diary free..(god what am I saying, I don't need the competition!!)

So today is Michael Bublé day! His albums are going to be on repeat for the entire day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spot the Difference...

Burberry Prorsum -v- French Connection...

Best high-street pull off I've seen yet!! This dress from French Connection is gorgeous and can easily rival the designer label. It's not in store or online yet, but should hit stores soon! I took this picture from this week's Look magazine. It's retailing at £110 so that should be about €170! Grrr.. I need to get myself to London soon!

Emma xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dita Von Teese

This is a woman who never asks herself "hmmm casual or dressy today?" It's just always dressy! Whatever Dita wears always catches my eye but this outfit is just stunning! She is dressed immaculately! From the coat to her tights, to the little show of leopard print!! I'm in awe!

Emma xx

Fashion at the Brits..

I wasn't overly excited about the fashion at the Brit Awards last night! It wasn't great to be honest! Here are a few of the one's that caught my eye:

The Good:
Leona Lewis & Laura Whitmore

The Bad:
Kylie Minogue & Alexandra Burke

And the completely crazy:
Lady Gaga! Gotta love her though!

Emma xx

Oh Chloé...

(See by Chloé Slouchy Leather Bag)

I need this bag! I've been swooning over it in Brown Thomas for a couple of weeks now and my love for it is just getting deeper!! I just wish my pockets would go as deep too but at €390 it's way out of my price range! :( I love blue bags as I wear a lot of black or navy and blue is the perfect colour to go with both! I might just stay in a couple of weekends and hopefully then this baby will be mine!

Emma xx

New York Fashion Week

Zac Posen (above and below) Fav show so far! Badgely Mishka is yet to come though!

Marc Jacobs and Halston

DVF! - The outfit on the left screams Whitney Port, but I love it anyway!

Alexander Wang - I loved his use of pinstripe! I think pinstripe suits are extremely sexy!

More to come...

Emma xx

You've Got the Love...

Florence Welch is my new girl crush. Basically after her amazing performance at the Brit's (which I can't stop watching!) Her music is unreal, her style is just a-ma-zing and her hair makes me want to dye mine red! I loved both her outfits at the Brits and she looks stunning in the spread in last months In Style magazine.

I cannot wait to see her at Oxegen this year!! Aaaah so excited!!

(images are my own and found on google)

First Wishlist...

I've been in town window shopping a lot recently and since RAG week in UCC I'm broke so there's a lot of wishing going on!

First up is scarves. I need some new spring scarves as the ones I'm wearing at the mo are quite dull! I love this scarf from River Island. My favourite colour at the mo is that blush pink and I think the fact it has skulls on it is quite appropriate at the mo!
(River Island €27.00)

They have some great pastel shades in Pennys too so no doubt I'll stock up there too!

I am in love with brogues at the mo! I bought a black pair in Pennys last month and I'm dying to get another pair either in the above blush, cream or tan! These ones are lovely, also from River Island, but I think I'll get mine from Pennys. I never get enough wear out of a pair of shoes* to justify spending lots of money on them! (*obviously not for heels!)

I also want this top! It's from Topshop and is €49. Unfortunately it's sold out online so I'll have to fork over the huge difference in price between that and the sterling! I have a pair of black hareems hanging in my wardrobe and this will go perfect with it! Ah hem...Muuuuuuum :)

Think that's all for now folks!

Emma xx