Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Wishlist...

I've been in town window shopping a lot recently and since RAG week in UCC I'm broke so there's a lot of wishing going on!

First up is scarves. I need some new spring scarves as the ones I'm wearing at the mo are quite dull! I love this scarf from River Island. My favourite colour at the mo is that blush pink and I think the fact it has skulls on it is quite appropriate at the mo!
(River Island €27.00)

They have some great pastel shades in Pennys too so no doubt I'll stock up there too!

I am in love with brogues at the mo! I bought a black pair in Pennys last month and I'm dying to get another pair either in the above blush, cream or tan! These ones are lovely, also from River Island, but I think I'll get mine from Pennys. I never get enough wear out of a pair of shoes* to justify spending lots of money on them! (*obviously not for heels!)

I also want this top! It's from Topshop and is €49. Unfortunately it's sold out online so I'll have to fork over the huge difference in price between that and the sterling! I have a pair of black hareems hanging in my wardrobe and this will go perfect with it! Ah hem...Muuuuuuum :)

Think that's all for now folks!

Emma xx

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