Monday, April 19, 2010

Festival Fever

I always get excited for the festival season as soon as Coachella starts in the US. I love seeing what the celebs wear to festivals, usually it's nothing (ie. Katy Perry) or it's extremely pretty tea dresses like Dita Von Teese or Kelly Osbourne.

Now I'm all talk because I've never actually gone to a festival but I've always planned to and then plans fall through at the last minute but I still get excited for them. This year though I'm definitely going to Oxegen and hopefully Electric Picnic too. I'm aiming for the Dita Von Teese look of floaty, flowery dresses with boots, a straw trilby and plenty of necklaces!

What do you like to wear to festivals?

Emma xx

P.S Check out this video of Jay-Z and Beyonce performing Forever Young. He's the main reason I'm going to Oxegen and I can't wait to see him!! Hopefully she'll be there too!


  1. That video is great! I blogged about Coachella too over at if you want to see the looks I liked at the festival!

  2. I loved that outfit Beyonce wore when she performed! It was too perfect!!

    I'm so disgusted to see Katy Perry with a cig hanging between her fingers though!