Monday, March 22, 2010

Tick Tock..

I feel this week that I'm in complete limbo land! Lectures in college are coming to an end, I've 6 weeks to my final exams and study seems to be going nowhere! Days are dragging so much that the time I spend not studying seems amplified! I even went shopping this morning for study clothes (baggy hareem pants, comfy jumper and a pair of slippers all bought in Pennys for €12!!) I've people asking me left right and centre "how's the study?" and all I want to do is scream!! I think I will and then have a cup of tea and ask my mum for a hug! Her hugs make everything better. I can't wait for all these exams to be over so I can start to enjoy life again! Have so much planned for the summer!

I hope that study is going well for everyone else!!

Emma xx

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