Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got that feeling..

I got the feeling of spring/summer today even though I've been studying all day! Must be something to do with the fact I booked a couple of days in Spain last night! Hurry up May!!

I changed my wallpaper on my desktop to the above picture today!! I took this photo in Dublin last summer when I was up for the weekend!
The flower stand on Grafton St is one of my favourite sights in Dublin! I always want to buy a huge bunch of flowers but sadly they probably wouldn't last on the train back to Cork!

Emma xx

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  1. Wow I know! How summery has it felt this week!? I really want to mix up a batch of cocktails and sit out on our balcony for the evening!!!!! And it's my favourite weather because it's still kinda cold so I can wear a scarf and a winter jacket, but there's no rain and a lovely blue sky!!!