Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love Affair with Awear..

I'm loving Awear at the moment!! I used to buy nearly all my clothes there a couple of years ago and then they had a few dodgy seasons and I stopped but recently I've been going back in there and I've purchased quite a few things!!

I'm planning a huge shopping spree at the weekend, so these are a few things I'm hoping to pick up:

Just read on their blog that they are having a student night this Wednesday with 30% off! Only in the one on Henry St. though!! They never have these things in Cork!!:(

Emma xx


  1. I completely agree!!!! It's been terribly for the last few years and then BAM this summer it produced a nice collection and it's just got better and better since! I love the dreamy patel look of the Spring collection....oh and just try that middle dress on before you buy it cos I loved the lighter version but it's very see-through and sits a little funny and can be unflattering...I couldn't buy it in the end!

  2. I tried it on today!! I tried on the cream version and I thought the whole see-throughness of it would be nice if I had one of those vintage-like bras underneath but nooooooo way too flimsy and you're right completely unflattering!! Still managed to buy a couple of other things though!! Need.to.stop.shopping!!