Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 words I hate more than anything!!

As I'm a final year student, I don't have a job and therefore no money to shop! I used to have my parents credit card details saved to my Topshop account and I got away with it for a couple of months until they finally copped on and made me delete it. I was not impressed! So, this morning after begging my mum for ages to let me buy a "few" items I had my eye on, she caved.....

I was all smiles until I logged onto my wishlist and saw those 3 words...Out of Stock. I actually felt like crying! I still are a few of the items I wanted to get...
Here are a few items I managed to get though!

Emma xx

P.S. I've saved the c/c details again!! No more out of stock disasters.. Oh god, I'll be mangled!

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