Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long overdue..


Sorry for the long absence I've been city hopping! London and then New York, all in the last two weeks!

*My favourite NY purchase are these shoes that I bought in Forever 21! My friend actually screamed when she saw them last night and didn't believe me that the weren't Miu Miu's! Love them!

I also managed to find a dress for my graduation which is on Wednesday! I'll post a photo later on in the week! It's exactly what I was looking for and I can't wait to wear it!

*I'm so excited that H&M are collaborating with Lanvin for a collection to be released in November. I can honestly say that I will be part of the stampede that day!

I promise to be better at blogging in the future! This summer has just been so busy!]

Emma xx

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  1. Oh they are just so pretty!